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About Noble Plumbing

Dave is the owner and licensed plumber for Noble Plumbing.  His career training began after college in 2006 as an apprentice in Pennsylvania, where he continued working as a service technician and licensed Journeyman Plumber until 2015.  When Dave moved to Tucson he broadened his skill set to include facilities management.  During his time in and around Tucson Dave has witnessed the need for trustworthy, professional, and skilled plumbing technicians, and this resulted in the inception of Noble Plumbing. 


Why a Higher Standard?

One of the complaints most often heard about contractors is that they do not follow up or even show up when they say they will.  In addition to this, what is a common practice in this area as shared with us by numerous customers, is to sell work that is either unnecessary or grossly overpriced.  Contained within Noble Plumbing's mission statement and embedded in its business approach is the commitment to maintaining clear and consistent contact with customers, following through on calls, appointments, and services to the customer's satisfaction and only selling work that is needed and priced fairly.  We take time to invest in the professional relationship with the customer and provide answers and information so they can make an informed decision.

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